How not to get a job: A continuing series

Penelope Trunk posted this in her Twitter timeline:

I set an interview for Monday. Candidate says he has kid stuff. I suggest Saturday night. He says Why don’t you have a date? No job for him.


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2 Responses to “How not to get a job: A continuing series”

  1. zrusilla Says:

    How much sexism can you condense into a few words? This candidate has raised the bar.

  2. anktastic Says:

    Don’t you think that suggesting having an interview on a weekend is way too aggressive? I would expect my interviewers to be much more professional than that. The fact that the interviewer is so willing to work Saturday nights is not exactly a good thing. It would be a “no, thanks” for me, as a candidate.
    The interviewer is also very quick to complain about some perceived gender issues but says “kid stuff,” completely dismissing any reasonable issues the candidate may have had. I wouldn’t want to have this person interviewing anyone in my company.

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